Month: September 2014

Summer all year round.

3 weeks left… Still can’t believe we’re actually leaving. No winter this year. No struggling with wintercoats, heavy boots, mittens wet from snow. Almost sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? People tell me that I will miss the snow, the fresh winterair and bladiblablabla. Hell no! It is mid September now and I write this sitting on the couch, under a blanket, wearing woolsocks and a thick sweater. I am not a winter person, and I am not sure about autumn either. So Asia with a constant summer sounds delightful…

And the best of it all is I only have to put on a dress and a pair of flip flops, cause it is nice and warm outside. Every day, all the time.


Beam me up…

“So you must be excited about the trip, leaving soon aren’t you?” is a common question now that our flight date is approaching.

“Yeah, sure, totally, I am superexcited” is my answer which is not the whole truth. You see, I am really, truly superexcited about ARRIVING in Malaysia but it is the GETTING there I am not so stoked about.

I loathe flying. There, I said it. It is on my “things I do not appreciate doing” list, right there at the top. That and going to the dentist. You sit for hours in a huge tin can and get sooo bored, your legs cramp up, it is impossible to sleep and then you start thinking about all the things that can fall apart on a plane and then… Well it just sucks. A lot.

So if someone could just hurry up and invent that teleporter thingy that would be great.



Birth of a blog.

A work in progress. The blog is in the making, not sure about the name or when to start posting. Now? Or when we have landed in Malaysia? Or maybe now. Yes, now is good, now works. Live life in the present and so on. So hey, this is the blog. Welcome.