Beam me up…

“So you must be excited about the trip, leaving soon aren’t you?” is a common question now that our flight date is approaching.

“Yeah, sure, totally, I am superexcited” is my answer which is not the whole truth. You see, I am really, truly superexcited about ARRIVING in Malaysia but it is the GETTING there I am not so stoked about.

I loathe flying. There, I said it. It is on my “things I do not appreciate doing” list, right there at the top. That and going to the dentist. You sit for hours in a huge tin can and get sooo bored, your legs cramp up, it is impossible to sleep and then you start thinking about all the things that can fall apart on a plane and then… Well it just sucks. A lot.

So if someone could just hurry up and invent that teleporter thingy that would be great.




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