Life in the slow lane

Hello dear reader, and sorry about not posting anything for some time. We haven’t got around to getting internet in the house and this is my first visit to the small, but crowded, internet cafe in our village. A week without internet has taught me one thing; I waste soooo much time on doing nothing really important out there in cyberspace. The “I’ll just have a quick look on Facebook” always end up being not a few minutes but an hour. And browsing around is dangerous, I start reading something, click on a link and whoops, there goes an hour. Or two, or three…

So what do you do without internet you might ask. Well, I have finished one book, started another. I have played with my children, I have eaten so much good food , I have talked to my husband, I have sat outside and watched the sun move over the clear blue sky. I have felt my pulse slow down and my heart grow lighter.

I am adjusting to life in the slow lane, and it feels wonderful.


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