No need to rush but hey, move at least!!

So yes, nothing is done quickly here in Malaysia. I guess the heat slows you down a bit, but I also think the Malaysians have a different view on life than lets say us Swedes. If I wait for the bus back home, I get really surprised if it doesn’t arrive on time. Here, you just go to the bus stop and wait. And wait some more. If you’re lucky the bus will come after ten minutes, if not, you wait. And sometimes you give up and take the first taxi that drives by. Or you go home.

I know I wrote that life in the slow lane is pretty nice but sometimes I feel very irritated and pissed off when things don’t happen as fast as I want them to. It took us three visits to the bank to get money from our account. Back home, I would’ve been so mad and stressed and…

The thing is, their machine was broken and they didn’t want to tell us because they were ashamed. Ashamed that they could not help us. So they called in a technician that worked all night and then they called us the next day and very nicely asked us to please come back one more time. All that irritation and annoyance I had felt just melted away.

So I guess I still have some ways to go before I am really and truly living in the slow lane. I still feel the need to rush ahead sometime but I guess that is normal after living for so long in a country where time is money. Here, time is just time and time is man made, something we constructed to divide the endless flow of light and dark. What we do with our time is up to us.



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