Finding your inner child.

Logged in on Facebook today and it seems the first snow has come back home. Do I miss it? Nooooooooooooo!! But my oldest daughter sighed and said she will miss building a snowman. And then she rushed off and started playing with her sister. Children are funny that way, their minds are so fluid and open to what the world has to offer. I miss that sometimes, that feeling you had as a child that anything could happen. Life does get a bit more boring as you grow up. The washing has to be done, food has to be cooked and so on and so forth.

I remember looking at adults and thinking “I will never ever become as boring as them, I will never stop playing”. And here I am, some 30 years later and I have stopped playing. So when my daughter looks at me and says “why do you have to do so many boring things?” all I can answer is that as an adult you have to do all those things. But for a couple of months I get to do less of those things and it is great! I have time to play again.


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