Vacation vacation vacation.

So we are on vacation. Yes, I know, the whole trip is one long vacation but now we are on vacation from the vacation. Sort of. We are at the beach, Desaru to be precise. Three nights at the Pulai Desaru Beach Resort. They have a great pool, the children love it. Which is good because the waves are massive right now so the beach is only visited for making sandcastles and looking for shells. The monsoon is here so the trip to Desaru was a gamble, it could easily rain for five hours at a time. But so far so good, it rained last night and there were some lightning and thunder but nothing during the day.

The first night we were really tired so we ate at the hotel. Food was not bad but not great either. So last night we drove 6 kilometers to some local restaurants and boy was it worth the drive. Fresh apple juice, amazingly tender lamb and vegetables in coconut. We paid 23 RM for all of us, at the hotel one juice is 14 RM. And only half as good. So you do need a car when you stay at these kind of hotels, if you want good food like we do.

We are definitely coming back here but after the monsoon season. I like to swim in the ocean as well as the pool so we have to come back when it calmes down a bit. Now, off to the pool, the family are waiting for me. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my husband’s blog, winfredk.wordpress.comkr


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