Hello Kitty, goodbye Kitty!

Having a 5 and a half year old is both wonderful and totally exhausting. Sometimes you end up feeling you have somehow been persuaded to do something you don’t really want to do. You have lost the argument and to a child that is no way near as old (or smart) as you.

So we went to Hello Kitty Town in Johor Bahru. On the way from the hotel one quarter of the family was super excited, one quarter was talking pure gibberish as per usual and two quarters wanted to turn the car around, strongly suspecting they were on their way to a place most horrid.
I had googled around a bit and knew that it was kind of expensive to get in, it is RM 110 per person (free for children under 3) if you choose to buy tickets for both Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club, if you choose just one it is RM 75 per person. I strongly recommend you splash out and buy tickets for both places.

Hello Kitty Town is on the first floor and if you are a fan you will find yourself in heaven. You can walk around in Hello Kitty’s house, take a photo alongside her, find her missing friend and so on and so forth. BUT first you have to stand in line, for a long, long time. And listen to really loud music. And if you’re really (un)lucky the carnival will be performed in and around the stage smack in the middle of the place. My daughter thought the carnival was too loud so we went upstairs. Hooray! I must admit I am biased in this matter as I do not really care much for Hello Kitty to begin with. But I do think they are robbing you blind when you buy your ticket to this place. It is not that big, not that much to do and it is really all about how much money they can make you spend.
Luckily we had bought the tickets for The Little Big Club as well. On the floors above Hello Kitty Town you will find Bob the Builder, Pingu, Barney, Thomas (you know that train that is always super friendly and helpful) and Angelina Ballerina. You can go on a short train ride, a ferris wheel, bumper cars and some other things. There are some great play areas with huge enclosed jungle gyms and both our children loved them. My husband ended up chasing our youngest through the biggest playground as she laughed and just climbed and ran as fast as she could. She slept like a baby (pun not intended) on the way home.

And I went on the ferris wheel, finally I found one small enough for me to climb aboard and not feeling I would die as I looked down. It wobbled a bit when you moved in your seat though so I sat very, very still and instructed my daughter to do the same. As I have said before, any normal and sane person has great respect for heights.
If you like good food like us, eat lunch somewhere else. I had a chicken burger meal, don’t have that. Really no taste at all, but it was freshly made so that was nice. My husband had chicken and rice and he said that it was okay. I think we paid RM 38 for us two so it wasn’t too bad but still, I have had better for way less.

There is of course a shop that you have to pass through on your way out. Be prepared to spend a lot even for a small trinket such as a keychain. We had talked about this before going into the place and it went smoothly thanks to that. No drama in the gift shop, phew!
On the way home our oldest talked more about the jungle gym than Hello Kitty which I feel quite happy about. Bye, bye Kitty.


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