The roadtrip continues…


Leaving Penang on the 28th of December we headed towards Kuala Lumpur (KL). There we would make a pit stop for two nights before heading to Singapore over New Years. So the gps said it would take about four hours to drive, but of course it was way off. The thing is the gps doesn’t know about the weather, road works or traffic jams. And we ended up getting caught in the mother of all traffic jams. About 170 km from KL the traffic slowed down to 20-40 km/hour. I immediately thought there had been an accident but we saw no sign of any such thing. It was just slow driving for a very, very long time. The children were fast asleep in the backseat but I was wide awake and complaining the whole time. Or so my husband claims. Road-5

After going really slow for over two hours it suddenly changed and we could drive faster again. Then it started to rain. At around 7.30 pm we drove into KL, after nearly 8 hours on the road. We had booked a room at the Swiss Garden Hotel, again we chose the hotel based on parking and price. You can make really great bargains on hotel rooms if you spend some time on the internet looking around on Agoda, and other such sites. Then you go to the hotel’s own site and look at the prices there. Surprisingly often you will find the best price at the hotel’s own site as they have things like early bird special or other great deals. This means that you can end up staying at pretty decent hotels for a hostel price.

The Swiss Garden Hotel has four stars but I was not impressed. The room we got smelled like wet dog and something worse, so I went down to the reception to ask for a different room. The receptionist looked scared when I talked to her and quickly handed me a new keycard. Turned out we got a suite with two bedrooms and both a shower and bath. Not too bad. But the next morning we came down to one of the worst hotel breakfasts I have ever had. There wasn’t enough food, the fruit was gone in two seconds and a lot of things tasted, if not off, at least not fresh. My husband had a chicken sausage that was spoilt and that kind of made us feel that the Swiss Garden Hotel wasn’t worth a second stay.

The first night we had dinner on Jalan Alor, the touristy street with lots of restaurants. The food is decent and not too pricey, if you can stand all the people trying to sell you stuff it is a nice enough place to have dinner in KL.
On our second evening in KL we went to Berjaya Times Square which is a huge shopping mall. It is so big that they even have a rollercoaster in there. Yeah, a roller coaster. Sadly the place isn’t being well maintained and it has gone downhill a lot since we were there in 2010. You can easily spend a couple of hours there if you like shopping and browsing around but the place has seen better days. We had dinner there, in the Teppanyaki restaurant. Good food but not excellent, but the staff really made it worth the money. A young waitress spent our whole meal playing peekaboo with our youngest which was really sweet. And it meant that we could focus on eating instead of making sure our daughter didn’t escape from the babychair and disappeared into the crowd. She is a high energy, curious and happy child which means we as her parents have to be on top of things ALL the time. If she sees something interesting she just wanders off, no worries in the world. My hair has greyed a lot since she started to walk at the tender age of 10 months…

After checking out at noon the 30th we left KL and drove towards Singapore. On the road again…


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