The importance of a good cup of coffee.

I love coffee. Not in a slightly scary way as the people who can smell which plantation the beans are from, but in the “life without coffee is a life half lived” kind of way. I can go days without drinking coffee, but I prefer not to as I love the taste, and smell, of it. As I am quite the opposite of a morning person, one of the few things that makes the morning bearable is when I get that first whiff of the coffee in the kitchen.

If you come to Malaysia and only stay and eat in hotels and/or resorts you will end up sitting on your plane back home thinking that the coffee in this country is sad, pathetic and not really worthy of being called coffee. I have had coffee so weak I could see the bottom of my cup, some has tasted like bad tea, other like what I imagine asphalt tastes like and… Well, the list of bad cups of coffee goes on and on and on. The one thing they have in common is that they have all been had in hotels or resorts. I don’t know why they serve that stuff but it has nothing in common with the kopi (coffee) you get from the tiny restaurant around the corner. Or the crowded nasi kandar place, or the old man selling hot drinks from his old and battered stall or the busy noodle place. Trust me, Malaysian coffee is the stuff you drink in the morning and feel it was actually worth getting out of bed for. The hot, brown liquid the hotels serve you will knock you right back to bed, screaming for a real cup of coffee!

Even the kopi ice (ice coffee) is excellent, served with sugar, creamer or condensed milk and lots of ice. You can get it black but I prefer it with creamer and even the sugar, which is strange because I normally take my coffee black and I hate sugar in it. I guess the ice makes it a totally different beverage for me.

So when you get here, walk into a small, crowded eatery and order a cup of kopi. Enjoy!


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