Leaving on a jetplane…

Sorry for not posting anything for quite some time, but I have had four busy weeks filled with things to do. Some of it boring and tedious, other fun and exciting. Sorting and packing all our stuff was stressful, selling our car and locking up the house was sad and strange. Leaving the village we have called home for six months was emotional,so was saying goodbye to all the people we have gotten to know. Our last week in Taman Sri Lambak went by so fast and all of a sudden we were on our way to Kuala Lumpur and our final week in Malaysia.

For our stay in KL we had chosen The Royale Chulan, a five star hotel in the Bukit Bintang area. Our oldest daughter had for some reason gotten it into her head that she wanted to stay at a five star hotel. I honestly don’t know where she got the idea from or how she even figured out about the star system. Anyhow, the Royale Chulan looked great and they had a good offer on their website. If we stayed seven nights we only had to pay for four. And when we arrived we were not disappointed. The greeting we got from the bell boys was ever so nice, as usual our children got most of the attention. We got an up grade of our room, it was a really nice and big room with a huge bathroom. The breakfast buffet was enormous, there was so much to choose from that on the first morning I just wandered around and ended up eating mostly fresh fruit and some really good indian food. I can honestly say it was the best breakfast on our trip, even the coffee was acceptable! And the staff was so nice and friendly, we were really pleased with everything. The children loved the pool area and we spent a lot of time there. We were all rather tired and our last week was slow paced and focused on what the children wanted to do. All to soon our last night came along and after a fish ball noodle soup and a sugar cane lime juice at Food Republic it was time to leave for the airport.

After about a million hours on the plane we touched down on Swedish soil again. Leaving the plane and walking in one of those narrow passages connecting the plane to the airport we all felt cold and our oldest daughter wondered why the air con was so cold. When I told her it wasn’t the air con but the cold air from outside seeping in she looked at me with big eyes and said: Really?? But it is so cold…

Welcome to Sweden honey!! In KL it was around 40 degrees (Celsius that is) and the humidity was around 90%. The day we arrived back home it was around 5 degrees and the humidity was around 2%. I thought I was going to die on the short walk from the airport terminal to the car…

After being home for nearly three weeks I still feel a bit lost and out of place. I miss so many things from Malaysia; the food, the sunshine, the friendly smiles everywhere, the coffee. As I write this I am sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and looking out the big window at the people passing by. The sun is barely out, hiding behind heavy clouds and making everything and everyone look drab and grey. The coffee is more acidic than any coffee I have had for the past six months and all around me people are so busy, mostly with their smartphones and not the person sitting next to them. Our lives are back to normal, as if we have never been away.The youngest daughter has started kindergarten and loves it, our oldest loves playing with her friends again. And both of them are thrilled to be able to spend time with my mother again. According to them she is the best grandmother EVER. I love the fact that we have a chance to leave the children for a couple of hours sometimes, six months with the children 24-7 is a very long time. My pet name for them is “little monsters”, always said with love but if you have children you know it can be very intense at times.

I have lots more to write about so I will keep updating the blog for some time. And the prospect of spending a winter in Sweden ever again feels awful and we have already started talking about our next escape. I have heard good things about Vietnam…


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