Month: October 2015

Six Months in Sweden.

Six months ago we arrived back home in Sweden. Time does fly… The thing is, the first couple of months were pretty good. It was nice to be back, seeing friends and family again and the summer in Sweden is usually pretty good. This year it rained. A lot. But the end of July and most of August was sunny and kind of warm, not hot and humid as in Malaysia, but warm enough.

Then September came, still not too bad but one morning when I walked out the door I could smell Autumn in the air. You might think that as a Swede I love the different seasons, the leaves changing colours, the crisp, cool air in the morning and blah, blah, blah. NO I DO NOT!! Well, the trees are pretty IF the sun comes out which it usually doesn’t. And it sucks to ride your bike to work/ school when it is 5 degrees. And it sucks even more when it is -15 degrees which it will be in like a month or so. Then we have the darkness, the endless hours of NO SUNSHINE at all. You get out of bed, it is dark outside. You go to work/ school, still dark outside. You come home, it is dark outside… If you are lucky you might get a glimpse of the sun around lunchtime. If you are lucky.

And don’t get me started on the food… I miss Malaysian food every single day. I miss not having to cook and I miss not having to decide what to cook. But most of all I miss eating good food every single day. The food in Sweden isn’t awful, it is just that everything is less fresh as it has travelled quite far to get here. We can’t grow everything here, far from it. And in the supermarkets everything is packed and neatly stacked, plastic fantastic. I miss the markets and the tiny shops where everything is fresh.

The children did miss grandma’s meatballs when we were away so they are happy when she comes around with a whole box of them. Yum…