Month: November 2015

Aquaria KLCC, lots and lots of fish

When we arrived in Malaysia in October 2014 we stayed a week in Kuala Lumpur before we left for Taman Sri Lambak. We did this to adjust to the climate and also to do some sightseeing. Our visit to Aquaria KLCC was such a success that I had to promise my oldest daughter that we would return one more time before going home to Sweden.

So six months later I took both the children to Aquaria while my husband went on a photowalk through the city. It is easy to get to, either you walk in the airconditioned walkways or take a taxi or bus. As we were staying at the Royale Chulan it only took us about 15 minutes to walk there and if you choose the walkways there are no crossing the roads or anything that might feel scary if you walk with young children. Even in such a big city as KL people still managed to find time to help me lift the buggy down a short staircase. I never stop being surprised at Malaysian society and how different it is from back home.

The entrance fee to Aquaria KLCC is RM 53 for adults and RM 42 for children, I think it is free up to 3 years of age. It might sound expensive but it is a really nice and well kept aquarium. They have a petting pool area with a lot of fish for the children to touch and look at. The people working in that area are full of smiles and know a lot about the animals in the pool. Overall I found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable at both our visits. When we went through the long tunnel (the fish and sharks swim in a huge aquarium over your head and on the sides) a young man working there stopped us and told my children some interesting facts about the stingrays and other fish. If you have children that are interested in the ocean and all its creatures you can easily spend two hours or more at this place. The gift shop, named Atlantis, is actually pretty good and you can find educational things and cool t-shirts as well as a lot of other stuff. We ended up bying a few gifts and my youngest chose a t-shirt with dancing fish on it.


There is a small food court as you leave the Aquaria but there are nicer food and more to choose from if you keep on walking and go to two food courts at the towers. They are only five minutes away. My daughter did however find an ice cream stall at the smaller food court and she said it was really good ice cream. I myself had a smoothie that was pretty good but slightly overpriced at RM 9.90. The place is called New Zealand Natural, they have lots of flavours to choose from and frozen youghurt as well. I think you can find them all over Malaysia as they are a chain of restaurants.

If you want to know more about Aquaria check out their website on