Indonesia with children

Island Life

After our five days in Ipoh we drove down to KL. In the two hours it took to drive the landscape changed from hilly and green to flattish and green. As we were heading for Lombok we wanted to drop some of our luggage and fly with as little as possible. The Royale Chulan once again showed that they are truly a service minded hotel. We had rooms booked after our trip to Lombok and we were told we could leave our bags there, without a fee or anything. A hotel worth every single one of its 5 stars. So after the luggage drop we drove to KLIA2, the airport outside KL where the less expensive flights leave from. It is a huge place and much nicer than many of the airports I have travelled from or to. Our flight to Lombok left early on Friday morning so we spent one night at the Tune Hotel, about 10 minutes walk from the terminal. The Tune Hotel is like most airport hotels- too expensive and not that clean or special in any way. The staff at the reception was really helpful and sweet though as was the guy working at 7 11. The best thing about the airport hotels is that you wake up at the airport and don’t have to worry about taxis or traffic. We got at least two more hours of sleep this way which was good but we still had to get up at 5.30. Not my cup of tea at all….

The flight to Lombok went smoothly but there were some turbulence which I really hate. I get dizzy and nauseous as does my oldest daughter. My youngest tend to fall asleep or laugh her way through turbulence. Getting a taxi at the airport was easy and we drive off less than an hour after landning. The roads on Lombok are fine but a bit narrow and winding, especially in the northern part of the island. That is also where the mountain area is and the big (still active) vulcano. We took a speedboat to Gili Meno, a small island close to Lombok, and at about 4pm we checked in to our hotel. We had booked two small bungalows at Sunset Beach Bungalow and after a quick change into swimsuits we jumped in to the ocean. Excellent way to spend an afternoon!

After dinner we sat and watched the sun go down and only went to bed when the mosquitos forced us to.