travelling with children

Ipoh part 1

Driving in Malaysia is not for the faint hearted or the driver that insists on following every rule in the book. I have mentioned it before and I most likely will again but Malaysian drivers are not that keen on sticking to the rules. Every lane is a fast, slow, turn, double park lane- it all depends on the driver. So the only advise I can give you is to go with the flow, follow the pace on the road and BREATHE. Our trip from Melaka to Ipoh went smoothly and took about 5 hours with lunchbreak and all. No heavy rain and a clear sky meant that we got to see the mountains as we approached Ipoh. It is such a beautiful landscape around that city, no photos can truly capture it.

The Ipoh sign pictured below is in reality huge. On YouTube you can find videos of people climbing it and it is so tall.

We had decided to stay five nights in Ipoh and after some research I booked us at the Sarang Paloh hotel in the Old Town of Ipoh. The hotel was amazing, the staff ever so helpful and the rooms were both beautiful and clean. Every day two guys spent over an hour and a half cleaning our room and to be honest it was cleaner than our apartment back home. The only drawback was the traffic outside our room but we had been informed about that when we booked so it came as no suprise. My husband, two children and I had a family room that was really two rooms and a bathroom (with both a shower and a bathtub!). Loved it. My mother and mother in law shared a room and as it was overlooking the garden it was a lot more quiet than ours.

The corridor leading up to our room. It had a lovely mural on one wall.

Our room wasn’t cheap but I can truly recommend the place. They don’t serve breakfast but there is a great little place right next door where you can get a nice breakfast and lunch as well. As a hotel guest you get a 20% discount so don’t forget to mention where you are staying.

I loved Old Town and it was perfect for us to stay right smack in the middle of it. We parked the car at the free indoor parking space provided by the hotel and then we walked everywhere. Ipoh might be a big city but it sure felt like a small town when we went out at night.