This is a blog about a family of four who decided to leave the cold, awful country that Sweden becomes every winter and turn to the sun and warmth of Asia. We will start our adventure in Malaysia, we might end up visiting two other countries or we’ll visit a whole bunch of different ones. The whole idea is to leave a lot to chance, try not to plan every single day. At home everything is so in order and planned, with work and all the “have to do this” and “have to do that” so now we will leave all that and live a different life. For six glorious months.

We have lots of family and friends who are not Swedish and that is the reason I have chosen to write in English. As it is not my native language I will sometimes choose the wrong word or spell something a bit funny. Hopefully not too often.

And as my husband is a keen photographer he will have a blog with less text and more photos. You can find it here.

Bit of an update: we are back in Sweden but I will keep on posting as I still have things I want to write about. And hopefully there will be a new trip to write about in the not so distant future.




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